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~He took the Fall~

He thought of you, above all

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I like who i am. confident of who i want to be. give me a bear, and win my heart. i lack patience, but i long for it(even if it kills me)
too much love is all i need. im very spontanious and love to do krazy things. i dont like country music nor do i like McDonalds. parties is not how i spend my free time. i enjoy reading a book in a cozy corner. privacy aint on my side. highlights of my life is with God. i would rather spend mmy day walking in the park, than in a mall with money. GaNsTA style is what my man has to be. my best trait are my eyes and my personality. worst trait, well.... i have to say my feet. they are long, but u cant tell. i want to do sooo many things in life. many think i am nice but i think its God who shines through me
what do u think?
Thanx cosmonautx beautiful layout!